Tomato Shorba  £ 5.00

Indian Version of Tomato Soup, with a Hint of Coriander

Lamb Paya Soup  £ 6.50

A Slow Cooked Delicacy, Rich Aromatic Lamb Broth

Murgh Yakhni Shorba  £ 5.50

A flavourful Chicken Bone Stock with chicken cubes,
seasoned with aromatic Indian herbs

Dahi Bhalla  £ 5.50

A Popular Dish Made of Lentil Dumplings, Soaked in Curd, Served with Mouth-Watering Sauces

Gol Gappe  £ 5.50

Small Puffed Crispy Puri’s, Served with Spicy, Sweet and Tangy Water

Aloo Tikki Channa Chaat   £ 5.50

Crispy Aloo Tikki, Served with Chickpea Curry Finished with Home-Made Sauces

Papdi Chat  £ 5.50

Papdi  topped with Potatoes, Onions Chickpeas, chutneys, yogurt and gamut of flavors in its one morsel.

Ram Laddoo £ 5.50

A Delhi 6, Street food of small Moong lentils Dumplings, served with
mouth-tingling sauces

Chat Ke Jalwe (Chat Platter) £ 12.50

A platter of Papdi Chat, Aloo Tikki Chat, Dahi Bhalla & Ram Laddoo

Mogo of Your Choice (Mari, Chilli Garlic, Masala or Plain) £ 5.50

Very Popular Cassava Chips Served with Your Choice of Masala or plain

Achari Paneer Tikka Shaslik  £ 8.00

Our Home-Made Cottage Cheese Marinated in Sharp Mustard and Achari Hung Yogurt Cooked with Peppers and Red Onions on Skewers

Chutneywale Aloo   £ 7.00

A Delicate Flavoured Baby Potato Kebab Cooked in Charcoal Tandoor Served in Mint Chutney

Gobi Surkh Angara (Tandoori Cauliflower)  £ 7.00

A Mughlai Classic Yogurt marinated Cauliflower in Secret Golden Masala, and Cooked in Tandoor

Hara Bhara Kebab   £ 7.00

A Crisp Thinly Sliced Lady Fingers, Seasoned with a Hot and Tangy Delhi Darbaar Spice Mix

Veg Seekh Kebab £ 7.00

Mixed vegetables like carrots, beans, potatoes, and peas mixed with roasted channa and aromatic spices cooked in Charcoal Oven

Bharwa Shimla Mirch – Tandoori Bell Pepper £ 7.00

Bell peppers stuffed with a spicy potato filling charcoal grilled in tandoor for that smoky flavour

Gilafi Seekh Kebab £ 9.50

Skewered Fine Minced Lamb Kebabs Infused with Hand Pounded Spices,
Fresh Coriander and Peppers

Kakori Kebab (Delhi Darbaar Sp) £ 9.50

One of the most famous Mughlai dishes of from the district of Kakori
near Lucknow, the softest Lamb Kebab which melts in mouth,

Gawluiti Kebab (Delhi Darbaar Sp) £ 9.50
Another famous Mughlai dish from Lucknow, the Lamb Kebab,
a mix of Indian spices like coriander, black cardamom, mace & nutmeg

Lamb Chops £ 11.50

Lamb chops marinated with cumin, fennel, Hung Curd, Ginger & Coriander roots

Chicken Tikka £ 8.50

A Classic Dish with Authentic Recipe, Chicken Marinated in Thick Hung Curd
Flavoured Overnight in Himalayan Pink Salt, Raw Mustard Oil
And Kashmiri Chilli and Then Cooked in Tandoor for that Chargrilled Flavour.

Murg Haryali Tikka £ 8.50

Chicken marinated in Spinach & Mint flavours and cooked in Chargrilled Tandoor

Murgh Seena – Kati Tikka £8.50

Charcoaled, Soft Chicken Brest with on bone, marinated overnight In Saffron,
Kashmiri Chilli, Golden coloured Indian Spices

Reshmi Kebab £8.50

Skewered Fine Minced Chicken Kebabs Infused with Mild Exotic Spices,
Marinated in Yogurt with A Hint of Nutmeg

Tandoori Murg (Chicken – Half / Full) £ 9.50 /13.50

Half or Whole Chicken on The Bone, Marinated in Thick Hung Curd
Flavoured with Himalayan Pink Salt, Raw Mustard Oil & Kashmiri Chilli
and Then Cooked in Tandoor for That Chargrilled Flavour.

Tandoori Salmon £ 12.50

Charcoal Roasted Tender Salmon Finished with Dill and Lemon Butter Served
with Mint Sauce

Chingari Jhinga £ 12.50

Spicy and Aromatic King Prawns Marinated in Yogurt with Carom Seeds.
Cooked on A Charcoal.
Amritsari Fish £ 9.50
A Treat from Amritsar, Punjab. A Deep-Fried Carom Flavoured Fish With
Crispy Batter Coating

Mixed Veg.Tandoori Platter £ 16.50

A Platter of Our Veg. Kebabs – Achari Paneer Tikka Shashlik, Veg Seekh Kebab
And Gobi Surkh Angara, & Chutneywale Aloo

Mixed Non-Veg. Tandoori Platter £ 22.50

Chicken Tikka, Reshmi Kebab, Murg Malai Tikka, Seekh Kebab and Tandoori Wings

Samudri Khazana – Trio of Sea Food  £ 22.50

Tandoori Salmon, Chingari Jhinga and Fish Amritsari

Lamb Ke Saukheen £ 24.50

Gilafi Seekh Kebab, Kakori Kebab, Galuiti Kebab & Lamb Chops

Jumbo Tandoori Platter £ 32.50

Chicken Tikka, Murgh Haryali Tikka, Half Chicken Tandoori,
Tandoori Salmon, Gilafi Seekh Kebab, Lamb Chops (2 Pcs Each)

Malai Kofta £ 8.50

Soft Cheese Dumplings Cooked in A Rich Onion, Saffron and Cashewnut Gravy

Banarasi Bhindi £ 8.00

Traditional Lady Finger Recipe Cooked in A Chop Masala and Indian Spices

Hyderabadi Baghare Baingan £ 8.50

An Authentic Recipe Made with Deep Fried Eggplants and Simmered
In A Gravy Made with Peanut and Sesame

Methi Mutter Malai £ 7.50

Delicious North Indian Curry made with fenugreek Leaves, Peas,
Cashewnut and Cream

Sabz Miloni £ 8.00

A medley of Mixed Vegetables, cooked with aromatic spices

Chena Changezi £ 8.00

Indian Cottage Cheese (Paneer) cooked in course masala recipe used by King
Changez Khan for vegetarians during war times to nourish troops with protein.

Palak Paneer £ 8.00

Home Made Cottage Cheese Cooked with Spinach, Tempered With
Whole Kashmiri Chilli, Butter and Roasted Garlic

Paneer Tikka Masala £ 8.00

Indian cottage cheese Marinated In thick Hung Curd, Flavoured Overnight
In Raw Mustard & Kashmiri chilli and then cooked In Tandoor in Makhani gravy.

Paneer Makhani £ 8.00

A Rich Tomato & Cashewnut gravy with Soft Paneer cooked on slow heat

Murg Musallam (Delhi Darbaar Sp.) £ 15.50
Whole Chicken on the Bone cooked on a slow heat, Stuffed with Chicken Mince, whole Quail Egg Tomatoes, Cashewnut, Poppy seeds, Brown Onions, Pine Nuts garnished with Pistachio covered with Rich Gravy.

Murg Makhani – (Classic Butter Chicken) £ 10.50
A Recipe Un Touched from Decades, A Rich Tomato and Cashew Nut Gravy
With Soft Juicy Morsels of Chicken Tikka Cooked on A Slow Heat.

Chicken Changezi £ 10.50
A Kings Choice Chicken Cooked in Coarse Masala and Red Chillies
Flavoured with Aromatic Spices.

Raan E Murgh £ 10.50
On the Bone Chicken with Leg Pieces, a deliciously from the Awadh region,
dish marinated in cashew & slow cooked.

Chicken Tikka Masala £ 9.50
A British version of Chicken Marinated in Thick Hung Curd, flavoured In
mustard oil & then cooked in tandoor for that chargrilled flavour

Lagan Ka Gosht £11.50
Cooked in traditional pan Cinnamon and Cardamom
Scented Boneless Lamb Marinated Overnight Cooked in A Rich Nutty sauce.

Lamb Rogan Josh £11.50
Rogan Josh consists of pieces of lamb braised with gravy flavoured
with garlic, ginger & aromatic spices the dish may be finished
using the Dampokhtak (slow cooking technique)

Rada Lamb £ 11.50
Rada Is A Very Unique Lamb Recipe as It Combines the Cooking of Lamb Pieces Along with The Lamb Keema With Special Blend of Spices.

Kadhai Lamb £ 11.50
Spring Lamb chunks simmer in spicy broth of tomatoes, chillies, Onions,
Kasoori Methi, Bell Pepper & host of spices.

Mahi Kadhai £ 12.50
A fish cooked in nutty sauce; brown onions simmered In Mughlai flavours.

Goan Fish Curry £ 12.50
A Spicy and Tangy Recipe from Anglo Region of India. Made with Chillies,
Coconut and Vinegar

Dal Bukhara Delhi Darbaar Sp. £ 8.50
Delhi Darbaar Special – Whole Black Lentils, Tomatoes and Spices Cooked For
Hours Together on A Slow Heat on Tandoor. Finished with Kasoori Methi And
Organic butter our Ghee.

Dal Banjara £ 8.00
A mix of dals black urid dal & channa dal with spices once extensively
used Indian Gypsy`s (Banjara’s) making It a delicious choice

Tadka Dal £ 7.00
Yellow Lentil cooked with turmeric. Fresh Herbs & Sizzling
Spices, finished with garlic & cumin tempering & a dollop of organic butter

Tarkari Dum Biryani £10.50
Saffron Rice Cooked with a Dum, On a Bed of Seasonal Vegetables
Served with Caramelized Onions and Mint

Awadhi Chilmon Murg Biryani £12.50
Chicken Cooked with Scented Yogurt in Layers with Saffron Rice,
Ginger and Brown Onion. A recipe from Lucknow

Gosht Ke Biryani- Lamb £13.50
Lamb on the Bone Marinated with Whole Garam Masala, Ginger And
Creamy Yogurt Infused with Saffron and Cooked in A Sealed Pot.

Saffron Pulao Rice £ 6.00
Finest Quality Basmati Rice Tempered with Pure Ghee and Cumin

Safed Chawal – Steam Rice £ 4.50
Fluffy Steam Cooked Basmati Rice

Raita £ 4.00
Greek Yogurt Flavoured with Mint, Coriander, Roasted Cumin,
Cucumber and Cherry Tomatoes

Papad – Fry or Roasted with Chutneys £ 2.00
Papad Fry or Roasted Served with Three Types of Chutneys

Kachumber £ 3.50
Punjabi Version of a Salad -Onion, Cucumber and Tomatoes Mashed Together
With Chat Masala, Lemon, Coriander and Green Chillies

Mix Green Salad £3.50
Seasonal Vegetables and Salad Leaves Cut and Served with Green Chillies

Onion and Green Chillies £2.00
Red Onion Rings with Green Chillies and lemon sprinkled with chat masala

Roomali Roti (Delhi Darbaar Sp.) £ 3.50
Our Signature Artisan Bread Which Is Thin as a Roomal (Handkerchief)
Cooked Over an Inverted Tawa A Must Have with Tandoori Dishes

Plain Naan – Butter Naan, Garlic or Chilli Naan £ 3.00/£3.50
Soft Refined Flour Bread Cooked in Tandoor

Paneer Kulcha / Onion Kulcha £ 3.50
Stuffed Bread from Punjab Cooked in Tandoor Goes Best With
Chickpea Curry /Palak Paneer

Laccha Paratha £ 3.50
Layered Leavened Bread Made with Refined Bread Served with Butter

Tandoori Roti- Plain or Butter £ 3.00
Whole Wheat Flour Bread Cooked Inside the Walls of Tandoor
Served with Or Without Butter Drizzle

Peshawari £ 4.00
Sweet naan bursting with flavours of raisins, pistachios, & desiccated coconut

Bread Basket £ 12.50
Variety of Breads Served Together:
Tandoori Roti, Roomali, Butter Naan & Laccha Paratha

Rabdi & Shahi Tukda (Delhi Darbar Sp.) £ 7.00
Delhi Darbaar Special – Homemade Shahi Tukda On A Bed of Rich
Pistachio Rabdi Topped with Crushed Dry Fruits and Saffron

Kulfi Falooda £ 7.00
Homemade Rich Indian Version of Ice Cream in Malai or Mango flavour

Kulfi – Malai or Mango £ 4.50
Homemade Rich Indian Version of Ice Cream in Malai or Mango flavour

Kesari Phirni £ 5.50
A Dessert Made from Ground Rice and Reduced Milk Over
A Low Heat and Flavoured with Saffron

Gulab Jamun £ 5.50
Indian fried dumplings traditionally made of reduced milk and soaked
In rose flavoured syrup.

Gajar Halwa On A Bed of Coconut Cake £ 5.50
Grated Carrots Cooked with Whole Milk, Sugar and Dry Fruits
On A Bed of Coconut Cake Base

Double Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream £ 5.50
A Rich Dark Chocolate and Pecan Nut Brownie, Served with The Choice of Your Ice Cream

Ice Creams – Vanilla or Chocolate £ 4.00

Indian Masala Kulhad Tea £ 3.00

English Breakfast Tea £ 2.50

Green Tea £ 2.50

Nescafé filter coffee £ 2.50

All Water, Aerated, Alcoholic & Non – Alcoholic Drinks available at the Bar

Prices include VAT at 20%. A 10% discretionary service charge will be added to your bill, this is shared across the team.

Please speak to the team regarding any allergy concerns you may have. Whilst every effort is made, we cannot guarantee that each dish is free from traces of allergens. Allergen chart is available (Please inform a manager when ordering)

Orders placed altogether will be served as and when ready. Dietary Requirements menu available (Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Jain, No Onion and No Garlic) Please ask your server.